What is Nota Simple?

What is Nota Simple?

Nota Simple - an extract from the Register of Property of Spain confirming the ownership of the property.

Nota Simple is an information inquiry, which contains:

1. Identity data of the Property Registry issued by Nota Simple

2. The number for the property

A unique number that is assigned to a property in the respective property register. Real estate registration number listed in Nota Simple rarely contains more than six digits. This number should not be confused with the cadastral number for real estate in Spain (Referencia Catastral), which is indicated on the receipts of the municipal tax IBI (Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles) - real estate tax;

3. IDUFIR - Unique identifier of the registered property (Identificador único de Finca Registral) - this number identifies the property in any Spanish Property Register, not just where the property was registered.

4. Brief description of the property:

  • the location of the object;

  • type of real estate;

  • the area of the site or share in the ownership of the site;

  • the boundaries of the land plot;

  • the total area of the object;

  • useful area of real estate;

  • classification of the land plot: rural, urban or subject to construction;

  • property rights not owned by the owner (for example, a public road / passage / passage or water pipe that runs through the land).

5. Owner Information: identification of the owners of the rights to real estate. In addition, the type of ownership, ownership interest, and by what legal action the owner took ownership is indicated.

6. The Nota Simple must indicate the notary who has certified the sales contract according to which the owner took possession, the date of taking over and the registration record, which indicates the taking over.

7. The amount and scheme of the mortgage loan, the date of the loan, as well as the notary's data and registration record are also indicated. In addition, it is indicated whether there is a tax arrears.

8. Date of issue Nota Simple.

The document is issued in Spanish and has a limited validity period of 3 months.

Information for Nota Simple is constantly updated, but may not correspond to the actual state, due to the fact that subsequent changes can be made after the registration of real estate.

The information contained in Nota Simple is necessary for the future owner of real estate in case of purchasing an object. Nota Simple can be prepared for any type of real estate: house, apartment, garage, etc. To issue Nota Simple, an authentic signature of the registrar is not needed, because with it the document ceases to be Nota Simple INFORMATIVA (simple information statement), and turns into an official certificate.

In accordance with Spanish law, this document is for informational purposes only, it is not a weighty document, since does not contain watermarks or other signs of authenticity, cannot serve as evidence in court. In particular, the Spanish Mortgage Regulation notes that Nota Simple Informativa is not an official statement of the state of real estate.

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