5 factors that influence the value of real estate in Marbella.

5 factors that influence the value of real estate in Marbella.

The cost of real estate on the Mediterranean coast, in particular in Marbella, depends on a number of nuances, from the type of property to its individual characteristics.

There is an opinion that prices for villas are artificially raised in Marbella, but this is a delusion.

Marbella is one of the most prestigious resorts in the world. The real estate here is different from other regions of Spain. The most talented architects from all over the world work in Marbella. They not only try to preserve the authentic image of Spain, but also introduce the latest construction technologies.

Marbella has the highest concentration of luxury living per square meter. It is here that all the luxury real estate of Spain is collected, many kilometers of white beaches, highly developed infrastructure, services, Michelin restaurants, education and sports. Locals travel exclusively in luxury cars, and on weekends on multi-meter yachts.

Property prices are comparable to the standard of living that Marbella offers.

This high-value villa on the Costa del Sol carries a range of properties and features that deserve every euro spent. Let's take a closer look at the key factors affecting home values!

1. Location

Location plays a huge role in the formation of the cost of housing. This factor is important for all types of real estate: land, villas, townhouses and apartments. An important role is played by a specific area and the availability of a convenient transport interchange. The presence of a developed infrastructure nearby, namely, proximity to shops, cultural centers, fitness and spa centers.When it comes to real estate in resort cities, the point that determines the price and elitism of housing is the distance to the sea. If the villa is located on the first line of the coast, the price for such housing will be higher than that of housing built more remotely.  

villa plot marbella

2. The size of the land plot

The cost of land on the Costa del Sol is very high. The larger the area, the more costs will be. This can also include some extra characteristics that affect the value of the object equally: is there enough space on the land to accommodate a garden, barbecue area, etc.

3. Year of construction and quality of materials

Another important factor is the "age" of the building and the materials from which the building was erected. After all, it depends on how long the housing can serve.


The earlier the property was built, the higher the depreciation and the lower the liquidity of the object. A new villa in a good area will cost more than an older one, but in good condition.

Now let's move on to the quality of the materials. Durable, quality material, high level of finishing work, roof waterproofing, ventilation system, sound insulation, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and chic facades automatically increase the value of a residential property in Marbella.

new villa in benahavis

4. Renovation and design

If the object requires reconstruction, its market value will be significantly lower. However, after the renovation, it will increase again. It is also worth considering the factor of having a design. The layout and design of the entire facility must be clear and combine a high level of comfort and impeccable taste.Panoramic windows relevant for houses with stunning views of the sea and the mountains is certainly contributes to the cost. And in elite objects, where the design was created according to the author's project, the price will be higher than in standard buildings.

5. Type and additional characteristics

A very relevant factor for real estate by the sea. The better your view of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar, and the mountains, the higher the cost of housing. Also, everything that is an additional advantage, and which ordinary housing does not have, can be attributed here.Properties with swimming pools, saunas and baths, jacuzzis, solariums and roof terraces, home theaters and gyms can significantly improve the level of comfort and bring more pleasure to their residents. Also, these additional elements will not reduce the value of the property over time.

villa marbella with sauna

Luxury real estate is best protected from crises because the demand for it remains stable. By investing in real estate in Marbella, you are guaranteed to be able to save and increase it.

Thinking about buying a luxury property in the Marbella area?

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  • 30 Jun 2021
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